Monday, May 31, 2010

Is blogging getting into my system now?

It has been more than a month now since I started blogging at WordPress. I still can't believe that this is my 23rd post in May and 27th post since April 20, the date I created a WordPress account.  What I can't believe more is those number of posts are almost twice the quantity of posts I had since I started blogging from another site in December 2008!  Improving, huh? LOL.

I guess blogging is now becoming a part of my daily routine as eating is. Haha! Just kidding.  I still prefer eating over blogging but I can blog while eating. :p

With that said, I hope readers of my blog who are mainly my family and friends are enjoying my posts as much as I enjoy writing and sharing them.  I am looking for more posts and I hope you are too.  Thanks for the time you're wasting. Hahah!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What kept me busy the past two days?

I miss my blog! I haven't accessed it for two days as I was busy.  This week, I was trying to have a post daily and have been successful until Wednesday.  Unfortunately, my shift at work last Thursday ended at 11 PM and slept early so I missed one. 

Same goes with Friday.  I was up the whole day and night of Friday and early day of Saturday. It was a "cramming" & busy day as I was finishing 15 giveaway cakes for the godparents of my friend, Honeylette's daughter Samantha Sage.  I was asked to be a godparent and in turn gave a Christening cake for Sage as my gift. 

Here are the pics of the day/days that kept me busy.  I had fun doing all of them.  Do you see the square fondant cake in the middle?  That' for me. :D

The giveaway cake for the godparents.  The flavor was Food for the Gods which made the cakes heavy as it was loaded with dates walnuts.  Size was 4 in x 3.5 in.  Sage's parents' wedding motif was pink and yellow - the favorite colors of the her mom. Thus, this was requested to be added on the cake for the design. 

Another color variation intended for the "ninongs".

Up close .  There are still a lot of flaws.  Oh! By the way, this is my first attempt of doing a fondant cake! I studied cake decorating about 10 years ago but I seldom apply fondant to my caks.  So you see now, I still need a lot of practice. Cake is Chocolate Pound cake and is disappointing. I tried a new recipe I found online and even with so many reviews, it didn't taste as what I expected.   It is good for a fondant cake but the taste I don't prefer. 

The booties - I enjoyed doing and decorating them. :D

Lastly, the supposedly baby blocks, check this that I should be using as part of the cake table were forgotten.  A sign of getting older.  :(

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GA @ work

Gone were those days when we were still under "AOL internal contact center" and we all look forward to our GAs.  This morning we had our GA, after being bought by eTelecare on September 19, 2007 and followed by Stream Global for more than a year now, a lot of things have changed and that include activities around our site and the reception or feelings of the employees celebrating the activities.

Our HR department still tries to make our activities worthy of  even if the site's atmosphere is getting gloomy everyday. This day is no exemption. 

Filipinos love eating and are fond of taking pictures of themselves.  So to add fun to the GA, Stream invited Milo and Zagu to give free drinks and Dunkin Donuts to give snacks.  A photo booth was  also available for those who wants to have unlimited shots. 

Based on my observation though, the "add-ons" on the GA didn't motivate the employees and left the atmosphere still sad...

Here are a few pictures to share...

Me with my fellow coaches, team leaders now team managers (what's next after two new titles?), Rochelle and Joni.

Okay, this what we got! :D

One of the interesting booths we had.  Aetas selling their fresh produce. I heard they were able to sell most of them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Styro Blocks

What will I make of them? Stay tuned! :)

This post is for Jinks...TY! =)

Today, I met up with my high school friends, Merve and Roch at SM Clark.  This mall is the most accessible place as most work in Pampanga are inside Clark and that includes mine and Merve's.

The last time I saw my high school friends was last December after Christmas.  It was Jinks, Merve and I who had lunch together at SM Clark.  Roch was not able to make it as she was nearing her delivery date (she was pregnant at that time).  It seems our friendly dates revolve around SM Clark. LOL. 

Me, Merve and Jinks taken last December at Gerry's Grill.  To Merve - I indeed gained weight comparing this picture now from the one we had today.  :(

Before we separated ways last December, we talked about meeting in May in Manila to visit Jinks who will be on a short vacation from the US.  This did not happen as we lost track of the date and Jinks didn't inform us that she was already here. I only received a text message from Merve last week telling me we should see each other since Jinks brought us some make-up for her "pasalubong". She just left them at Merve's house and Merve didn't even see her. To this date, we have no idea if Jinks is still in the Philippines.  LOL. What kind of friends are we, huh? Hahah! 

It's funny that our group which we named, No Guts, No Glory last High School only chance to see each other at least once in a year during December for exchange giving which is oftentimes requested or planned by Jinks or at times when we get packages from our other friend, Sherrylynne who's currently residing the US.

Today, we had another reason to meet and this is for the make-up to pick-up.  LOL. Thanks, Jinks for the pasalubong. You know what though, your presence is better than the make-up you gave us.  Feeling lang. Hehe!  Actually, I can't wait to try them tomorrow before I go to work. ;-)

The best friends in the group - Merve and Roch.  It was nice to see Roch after more than two years of not meeting with us.  We know the reason now and I am glad all is well in her life.  :D

Me, Merve and Roch taken a while ago at Pancake House in SM Clark.

Jinks & Sherry, I hope you can go back to the Philippines soon to complete and the NGNG group and hang out together.  I am sure we have so many things to share about.  We're missing both of you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monica/Cheska is turning 7!

How time really flies fast!  I got this tag on my Facebook account and my first and only niece, Monica Francesca  is celebrating her 7th birthday soon! It seems like it was only a few years ago  where I was on a few days of vacation in Isabela and I was cuddling this baby that would not stop crying in the middle of the night while her mom started crying as well.  Talking about postpartum depression, huh?

I don't know how and where it all started but here in the Philippines (Filipinos love celebrating), a kid's 7th birthday is a big deal.  It's like a 1st birthday party or a debutante party for girls.  Parents start to prepare months before the celebration.  My sister is no exception to this.  A week would not pass by asking me for suggestions or ideas on her daughter's upcoming birthday and this was like 6 or 8 months ago. LOL.  Even the theme of her party has changed from a princess to  Hawaiian to masquerade and finally to a winter wonderland theme in June!  We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will not rain on that day.

On top of my regular nine-hour shift full-time job, this party will keep me busy the coming days as I will be making the decorations on her birthday cake as well as for a christening cake for a party I will be attending this Saturday where I will be a godmother for the nth time.  I love to be such especially if it's a child of a close friend.  I hope I'll find time to blog still despite of little time. :D  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New York Supreme - the new Italian Restaurant in town!

After my date with Grace, I went straight to meet my other friends to try a newly opened restaurant - New York Supreme.

I first heard of New York Supreme from my Culinary teacher, Emelita Galang.  She sent me a text promoting this restaurant last month.   Then, a few days after, my friend, Nikki told me of  a good restaurant serving pizza near AUF.   Lastly, three days ago, while talking about food, another friend, Aids was talking of the same restaurant.  She had tried their pasta and version of pannizza and it's funny how she described it which will make you wanna go there right there and then.  I knew I need to check this new restaurant so together with Aids, my other friend, Pao scheduled a date to check it out.  That was the other night.

When Mrs. Galang sent the text, I was wondering if New York Supreme is one of  the Galang's family businesses.   So when I saw her weeks before, I asked her.  She told me it's not theirs but of an old student and just wanted to promote it.  She was very satisfied with all the food she ate there that is why she got excited and sent text messages to most of her students who love to eat and that includes me. LOL. 

She told me of the story of New York Supreme.  If my memory serves me right, she disclosed it is owned by one of the sons/daughters (I can't recall which is which) of the Kit family (owner of Mar's restaurant and Mar's garden) in Angeles City.   The son/daughter lived in the US for years and discovered a small restaurant serving the best pizza they have ever tasted in their area.  Thinking of bringing that pizza here in the Philippines, the son/daughter befriended the Italian owner/chef who actually makes the pizza himself.  At first, there was resistance.  The Italian was a snob but due to the persistence, they were able to know the weakness of the Italian.  They discovered that the Italian loves Chinese food.  Being an owner of a Chinese restaurant here in the Philippines, they started cooking and giving the Italian Chinese food which he liked immediately.  So, in the end the Kit family got what they wanted - getting the recipe for the pizza and learning how to cook the rest of the Italian food.  Mrs. Galang also mentioned that the ingredients they use on all their products are imported.  They want to give the best taste.  It's not saying that we have inferior products but the owners of New York Supreme would want to make their dishes as authentic as possible and substituting ingredients may sacrifice the taste.

I know what they are talking about so I can understand them.  And our date validated this after tasting all the dishes served to us.  Here's the experience. :D

Mommy Eds, Mommy Pao (though I don't call her that. LOL) and Mommy Aids.  Yes, I was with three mommies. I am the only single person though I wish I am a mom now too. Hahah! Out of topic.  That story calls for another loooooonger post but I don't I'll do it. ;-)

Puttanesca. When I arrived in the resto, my friends already ordered so I just skimmed the menu and ordered another pasta dish.  I was not able to take note of the exact names of the dish.  That's not that important though as I am more particular with the taste and I was starting to be hungry just seeing them.

We all tried this dish that was served first and what can I say? Superb! I am not a fan of Puttanesca but this will pass my rating. The pesto bread is also worth noting for. It was awesome! 

The most exciting dish - panizza! If you live in Angeles City and you love Italian food, you will not miss C' Italian's panizza.  That's the only restaurant I know that serves this dish.  Yellow Cab has their version, the Dear Darla but it would not match that of C's.  Until New York Supreme's version,  I can actually say C's has found its competitor! 

Pesto sauce.  We didn't order a bread but we were served pesto sauce.  It was a side dish of the panizza that added a different twist to its taste.  I believe the sauce was freshly made.

The filling to use in the panizza - Alfalfa and Aragula. The alfalfa looks like bean sprouts while the aragula like mustard leaves, huh? Panizza is not a panizza without these two vegetables.  I wish I can grow these two so I can incorporate them on my salad. 

For Aids.  She wanted me to take another picture of this.  :)

Chicken Parmigiana. Penne pasta was used and the dish was  topped with  chicken breast and plenty of mozzarella cheese.  We wondered if the chicken was partly pre-fried before it was topped as part of it was browned.  I was thinking though the reason for the browning was because it was broiled.  Still, we are wonder. LOL.  Nonetheless, the dish is another must-try particularly for those who love chicken and mozzarella.  You'll never get disappointed!

My order - Lasagna.  Don't say this is boring.  I am an adventurous eater and would try different dishes that I would not know of.  But that night, I wanted to give their lasagna a try.  I love the dish! The pasta was freshly made, not the store-bought ones. The meat was just right, not too much and overpowering the whole dish.  The mozzarella cheese, oh well!  The picture says it all.

We had a pitcher of red tea  and it was more than enough for the four us as we had around three rounds of full glasses of tea.  Overall, the restaurant is indeed great.  I will definitely go back here who knows how many times.  On the next visit, I will try their pizza and maybe order another panizza. 

Kudos to the owners of New York Supreme!  We need more restaurants like this that offer quality food at affordable prices. 

A date with my bestfriend, Grace

May 17 is one of the important dates I always remember.  It's the birthday of the kindest, selfless and most caring person I know in this planet.  She's my best friend, Grace.  I've known her since I was born and  we practically grew up together.  Today, I spent the afternoon with her to celebrate her birthday which I missed last Monday.  We had a late lunch at Gerry's Grill.  It's the only restaurant that we always frequent together (including Riza, our other childhood friend on some occasions when she's in Pampanga). 

After having full stomach, we watched a local movie with an English title (ironic, huh?) - "You To Me Are Everything" .  It makes me wonder now why our movies are titled in English.  Just for this week,  the two movies I watched  - "Here Comes The Bride" and "You To Me Are Everything" are both in an English title.  What's with having a Filipino title? 

Grace (I call her Auntie Grace at times for she's my third degree aunt or Gara when I am about to tease her) - the ever shy person that never outgrew that  behavior. 

We both didn't have breakfast and lunch and it was already almost 3 PM so we ordered a lot but didn't finish it all. "Takaw mata at tiyan." LOL.  Our order of Chicken Inasal.  The chicken was somewhat dry.  I prefer Mang Inasal's version over this. 

My all-time favorite side dish of Gerry's Grill - their Pinakbet.  I love how the sauce tastes a little sweet and how the "chicharon" complements the whole dish. 

Sizzling  Sisig Tuna.   For me a Sisig is not a Sisig if it doesn't have a liver incorporated on the dish.  This dish is delicious in itself but it could have been better if chopped grilled chicken liver was added.  Just thinking of it makes me say YUMMY!

Buko juice or Young Coconut juice.  Very refreshing!  I had a urinalysis (pardon me for saying the  word when I am talking about food...hehe!) and have a positive result :(  prior to having this lunch so this drink is a heaven-sent for I was about to order plain water which is boring when you're dining out.

 We opted not to have dessert.  That saddened me because a meal without dessert is not a meal for me. Haha!  I had to discipline myself though because I have an LBM (again, sorry for the word. LOL).

I couldn't control myself though.  I bought small Lindt mint dark chocolate from SM department store that were on sale (buy 1, take 1) and ate them while doing a little shopping. LOL.

Here's a teaser of the movie we watched.   It's a feel-good movie and I can say that being a hopelessly romantic person (hahah!), I was able to appreciate it.  I loved the scenic view in Benguet.  Just don't mind the high-pitched voice of Marian Rivera and corny lines in the movie.   


Friday, May 21, 2010

Sumo Sam

One weekend,  due to boredom, I dragged my younger sister, Manel to Marquee Mall (a new mall in Angeles City owned by Ayala) to check some make-up stuff.  Looking for a place to have our lunch, we ended up at  Sumo Sam.  I was craving for Japanese food so this was the right place.    

The ambiance was okay.  The menu has extensive dishes to offer which has caused a problem for a person who's very fickle-minded as me since I had to change my order now and then. :D  So, what did we get?   

Crunchy Squid @ P138. This is an appetizer that is sweet & spicy.  I like this dish particularly the cucumber that was added to balance the spiciness and sweetness of the sauce.  


California Roll @ P189.  Nothing spectacular about this dish. I  prefer the California Maki at Hanami along Fields Avenue over this one.  


Ninja Fry at P108. When I got this dish, I wondered on how I will eat it. LOL.  Anyway, I used chopsticks and had around three bites to finish it. Haha!  The dish is like a tortilla-wrapped dish except it's nori that was used to wrap the rice and vegetables. Nothing more to rave about. :(  


Beef Yakinuko @ P228.  Overall the dish doesn't taste good.  The rice is soaked with too much sauce/drippings from the meat dish.  However, the beef was tender and tasty.   


My sister and I were not happy with the dishes we ordered, thus may think twice of going back to this restaurant. 

For Cheska - Charice's BaBy =)

Checked on my Facebook account and found this video posted by a friend.  It's Charice Pempengco's version of  Justin Bieber's BABY. My niece would love this! She's a fan of Charice and loves the song Baby.  Cool! 


By the way , Charice's album with the carrying single, Pyramid ft. Iyaz debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200! More updated information about Charice can be found on her website -

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here Comes The Bride...the movie ;-)

I saw the trailer prior to watching the movie and I was excited to watch it for I know it will make me laugh.  Yes, it did on a few scenes. :(

We didn't enjoy the movie much.  Even if most people around us were laughing at it, we find the lines corny.  I was disappointed with Eugene Domingo (I watched a play of her with Candy Pangilinan in UP Diliman when I was still in college in early 90s that was soooooo hilarious that kept me laughing all throughout) and I think she can do better than that.  I think it's with her role though.  Tuesday Vargas (I had the chance to make chika with this lady in the restroom on one of our company's anniversaries where she was one of the hosts.  Very funny on stage!  But on the restroom, she was so serious...LOL) was funny with her lines.  Angelica Panganiban was good too especially the pole dancing.  Here's a trailer of the movie.

the kids in us...

Last night after my shift, my sisters, our friend and I had a date.  We all met up at SM Clark around 8 PM.  It's easy for my youngest sister and I to go there as we are both working in Clark.  We planned on watching the last full show of "Here Comes the Bride".

On our way to the cinema, we passed by "World of Fun".  Manel and Tin "nagged" me and Mye to try a game/ride at World of Fun. They told us we would enjoy the experience and that it's somewhat similar to Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom.  Oh well, Mye and I both gave in after being "pestered" by them. LOL. 

 Mye, Manel and Tin while waiting for our "ride". 

Mye with our mini rider.  There was a couple inside before us.  Can you see the guy's hand in the rider?

It was our turn! We need to wear seatbelts. It was as if we're going somewhere farther. Hahaha!

 Yay! The game and ride was about to start.  We chose number 3 which is a Space Roller Coaster.  It was fun indeed for I have a partner who kept shouting! Haha! The ride could have been better and more realistic though if I was not seeing bright light on my lower left side from the outside.

 On another story, since I am talking about games and being kids, last year my colleagues and I went to an off-site team building and went crazy over Lazer Xtreme in Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

 It was cool seeing the leaders in their vests and laser guns.  LOL. This group was my team's enemy. 


My group.  There was a father and son who joined our team and they were good so we WON! Yay! There was no price though. :P

 I love this game! It is a great way to really lose weight. Look at all our hair! They were a mess after so much perspiration from running and fighting even if the whole gameroom is fully airconditioned.  This is a must try for groups having team building or for friends who just want to go bonding.  It's a lot of fun because there are times you get confused on who your enemies are. Hahah! 

Credit:  Lazer Xtreme photos are from Joy's camera.

Moving on...

I moved to a new site - Do check my new posts there. :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Clawdaddy and Shangri-La Plaza

Last Easter Sunday, after spending Holy Week at Club Punta Fuego, my sister's family and I headed to Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyung. 

Mau's family is based in Isabela.  For them, (especially my niece, Cheska) going down to either Manila or Pampanga meant a lot of shopping. It's like coming from a remote area that have been deprived of shopping in their city.  LOL. Well, I can relate to them particularly when you're used to big malls.

So last Easter, we spent the whole day at the mall doing shopping for Cheska's needs in school.  Too early, huh? Hehe!

Before heading to the different stores and boutique, we had lunch at Clawdaddy.  It was our first time there and we weren't disappointed.  The ambiance and food were great as I felt we were somewhere in the US even if I haven't been there. Haha!

My sister's family - Mau, Mon and Cheska

With my soooo "kulit" niece

Cheska and her orders - fried chicken tenders and shrimp popcorn

Fried Chicken Tenders is nicely presented in a car box.

Shrimp popcorn - a must try! The shrimps are soft and tender and tasty.

A cup of hot green tea is a tandem to a heavy meal. LOL.

Butter Ginger Crabs with Garlic Rice - according to the menu the crabs were simmered in white wine, ginger and butter.  I prefer my chili crabs over this one though. 

Smoked Baby Back Ribs with French Fries and Rustic Mashed Potatoes

A few hours after lunch and doing shopping we lazed for a few minutes at The White Hat - one of the best frozen yoghurt I've tasted. 

Cheska had a waffle dog and tea which she bought herself.  She can't have yoghurt since her mom wouldn't allow her to drink nor eat cold or frozen drinks or desserts.  She has a great voice and her mom wants to preserve that. 

We concluded the shopping at Kashieca where this nice sofa is located.  Isn't my niece so cute with this pose?

Clawdaddy Crabhouse and American Grill
the Ledge, 6th level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 636-5679