Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 it was...

I want to look back on what this year has and hasn't offered me but I don't like to itemize them.   I know I have done fairly well but okay, I can't help it.  LOL.  So, allow me to cite some of the remarkable and not so ones.  Hehehe!

Blogging - much, much better than the past 2 years.  Even if I haven't posted for more than a month now as I got very busy with other things (I know a very lame excuse!), I was still able to post 98 to date as compared to 11 of 2009 and 7 of 2008. Hahaha!  A remarkable achievement indeed for me.  It's a dream come true to reach this far.  :D

Career - Nothing has progressed from my position to my current company, if that what's you call a career in a BPO industry is. I've been in the position for more than 5 years and I know I'll still be until I resign.  LOL.  The good thing though that happened was even if my title remained, the compensation increased with other benefits.  Not bad at all.

Other careers - Baking or make-up?  2010 was somewhat good in a way as I've earned money from these two hobbies.  I just needed to choose and focus on which between the two I have to maximize my time to earn more.

A new career/venture - I've always loved direct-selling. Even when I was younger, I used to sell different products to friends and relatives for I like talking about products I know could make them look and feel good.  The last quarter of this year introduced me to Organic Beauty products.  Thanks to my friends, Nikki and Collyn who shared them to me and convinced me to sell them.  So, yes I am now a dealer of Human Heart Nature, All-Organics and Venus & Mars beauty products as well as Precious Herbal Pillows.  Another source of income for me that helps my friends benefit from them by not having to use chemical products.  It's a win-win situation. :)

A political career -  Yes, I won in the recent Barangay election as a Councilor last October.  I landed 4th (3rd elected has a point over) out of 16 candidates who ran in our place.  Being in the politics is not new to me as I was the first elected Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson 18 years ago. I just had to give that career up to give way to my father who wanted to run then and since he finished a 3-term service already, I grabbed the chance to replace him last election.

Continuing education -  Hmmm, it seems like I can't remember of any classes in baking that I attended this year when last year was full of it.  I also didn't attend any make-up class.  But, don't be surprised!  I enrolled in a reflexology and massage class!!! LOL.  It was the least class I had in mind but I took the chance when it was offered in our parish and be part of it for I thought it was just a day's class for me to learn the basics.  It's an 8-session class and I already missed 3 days of classes due to a very busy schedule.  A consolation I have is I've learned a few basic of everything.  :)

Travel - This is where I fell short. :(  I didn't get to go out of the country this year.  We canceled a trip in Kota Kinabalu and Brunei which I am supposed to have with my sisters and other relatives.  Unfortunately, it coincided with my mother's operation and we all were not in the mood to travel.  I am glad though that even if I had to cancel another trip in Cebu because a friend who's supposed to go home from Greece didn't make it, I was able to have a Northern tour (Isabela, Cagayan, Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur).

Food for the Brain - I spent most time in the Internet and yes, I learn a lot from blogs I follow and sites I visited.  However, I missed reading books.  I bought 3 books and I was only able to read 1.  A book given to me Christmas of last year is still yet to be opened.  This is getting bad! LOL.  I bought a few food magazines but I just browsed at them.  I missed those nights when I would read each new magazine from cover to cover.

Gadgets - This is what surprised me most this year.  I always claim I am not into gadgets and I can live a simple life with a simple phone that I can use for a call or text. Much more, I am not into music, so I don't need an iPod.  But guess, what? I bought myself a 5th gen iPod and a Blackberry Bold!  Oh, well! There's always a room for change. Hahaha!

Exercise & Diet - I lost on this!  I gained about 7 to 8 pounds this year!  Even though I bought a treadmill and iPod so I can walk anytime at home, still it didn't help.  Discipline is the key as they always say.  I don't have it!  Much more, laziness consumes me. Arrrgh!

Friends - I didn't reconnect much with my friends and I don't think I gained more friends this year. :(

Family - I don't know how to assess how it has been this year but one thing's for sure, I miss celebrating occasions when our family is always complete (so those who are far, make sure you are home when there are celebrations).

Love life - What I should I say? LOL. I am looking forward for next year.  Hahaha!

Spiritual life  - I know this is another big down for me.  I can count the times I attended mass this year and I feel bad, of course, when I used to attend daily mass a few years back.  I will reconnect with the Lord this coming year and be acquainted with the saints and angels again. :D

After this list, I can say, 2010 is not bad at all  for me.  I bet, you now know what I am looking forward this coming 2011.  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flawless' Birthday Treat

Last July, I had my first facial cleaning at Flawless in SM Pampanga.  I enjoyed the experience as I felt relaxed after a tiring day.  I raved about it and shared it to my friend, Nikki. Since she wanted to experience it as well, we set a date to have a facial cleaning at Flawless in Marquee Mall Angeles, City.  

It was my birthday when we visited the clinic.  I asked if there was any promotion for birthday celebrators and I was surprised to be told there is! I got to get a 50% off of all their services except for the Power Peel.

With that perk, I had their most expensive facial which costs 880 pesos and body scrub at 2000 pesos.  I also had a hair wax on my underarm. Talking about getting advantage of  the special day, huh?  LOL

Okay, so here's the experience.  While I was grateful with the big discount, I wasn't satisfied with the services. Let me itemize them for you.   

Facial Cleaning -  The facial massage was great but the pricking of blackheads and pimples hurt so much! The tool used was so thin/slim I think that the ends really hurt skin.  I've had enough facial in my life (there was even a time I had to go to my dermatologist's clinic every 2 weeks for 3 months just to have a facial cleaning to know what hurts and not). Even Nikki told me hers hurt as well.  (Nikki and I share the same dermatologist, Dra. Beatrice Canga-Pineda of BCP Clinic in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga).

Body Scrub with Bleach - While I like the scrub and wrap used which I believe complemented my super sensitive skin, I hate the ambiance and the shower head.  It was very inconvenient that when you wash off the scrub and wrap, your hair gets wet even if it was wrap in a shower cap (not plastic but looks like a paper was used!). The ambiance is not relaxing. Lights are too bright and temperature is cold.  I would prefer yellow light over fluorescent bulbs to use to add a peaceful mood as well as adding scented candles and music to put the client's mind at sleep. 

Hair wax - Not all hair were removed and it left a chicken skin.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Naturally bare?

This is a review of a product I just recently bought from Sally Hansen yesterday.  I was supposed to buy the wax strips from Veet  as my sister raves about them, however, I was approached by a Sally Hansen sales assistant and asked me if I was looking for a hair removal, so she started to sales talk me and eventually gave in and bought their Naturally Bare Honey wax set.

I was excited to try it that I prepared my legs for the procedure.  Following the instructions with a repetition of wax  and "plastic" strips (made from corn) being applied and pulled, I thought I would be happy with the result. Unfortunately, my  legs are not hairless as there were not much hair being removed. With that, I have to shave still which is an easier and cheaper task.

I so regret that I bought this product, an expensive one which costs me 1000 PHP.  I should have remained on my original plan on trying the Veet wax strips.  A lesson I learned, I should not be convinced on the information the sales assistants supply and should not go on impulse buying.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flowers make me give my best smile :)

Jill of all trades, that's what some would always tell me.  I would say, I am not.  I am just a person with so many interests that consequently, negatively affect my life.  Hahah!

It's frustrating when you  enjoy "so much" of many things that the tendency is losing  focus.  Until now, I don't know which among my interests is the most appealing for me.  LOL.

Anyway, here's one of the many things that I love to do.  I think only a few people knows that I love flowers, thus I got to like flower arrangement.  I even had a seminar workshop about 7 or 8 years ago with Pancho Pantig, a famous florist in Pampanga just to gain knowledge of this field.

In the years that passed, I was able to apply what I have learned during a wedding of a friend's friend where I made corsages and bouquets for the entourage and the bride, on a wedding of my uncle where I became the official florist/make-up artist/cook/photographer (what more can you ask for? hehehe!), during one Halloween party at work where I made headdresses for my teammates and on All Saint's Day.

Recently, I was tasked to arrange three pots of flowers on All Saint's Day.  It has been a long time since I arranged one and I was glad I still remembered a few principles.  The arrangement was not that spectacular but I was proud of the outcome given the limited resources.  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodbye, Wordpress!

I am moving my site back to Blogger - so I'll be more in touch with my blogger friends.  I'll keep this site for a few more days and will delete it permanently for I can't figure out how to redirect it.  :(

Thanks much, Wordpress for the months you shared with me.  It's a memory worth remembering for. Hehe!


Happy Birthday, Mye!

My youngest sister, Mylene is indeed a true lady now.  I was in Grade 6 when she was born.  She's 23 years old now.  Do the math and calculate my age (but if you know what the corresponding number for emerald is as posted on my previous post, you'll know my age).  Am getting too old, huh?

Mye has always been my assistant in the kitchen and I am glad she's following the career path that I missed.  I just wish she would be able to fulfill my dream career for I know she'll enjoy it and be contented.  She just has to listen to her elder sisters and forget about her sensitivity. Hehe!

Happy Birthday, Mye.  More birthdays to come and not a wedding day yet, okie?   You still have 3 elder sisters before you who need to walk down the aisle. Allow us to do that first. ;-)  

Btw, I got your pictures from your Facebook account.  I know you can be a...

...true pastry chef and a restaurateur

...a classic model  or...

...a print-ad model look-alike of erich (minus the nose)...heheh!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I just turned "emerald"!

While typing the title of this post made me smile.  If only my English teachers could read it, I may get a spank on my ass for it. Hahah!

Kidding aside, emerald symbolizes certain number of years in marriage.  I "borrowed" that stone to describe my age which obviously, I would not disclose in this post. Heheh!  So, do some research, folks.

On this day, I would like to thank the dear Lord for another fruitful year, my family  and friends for the love and never-ending support on any confusion I have in life. Hahah!  Sounds like a speech? Nah! Just being thankful.

To my readers, from Wordpress to here - here's my latest look on my "emerald day"!  Happy Birthday to ME! Hahah!

PS: This is a silly post, really! Forgive me, it's my birthday. 

PS1: This is a delayed post as today is already 9th of November and it's not my birthday, but my dear youngest sister, Mylene.

PS2: Not the game. LOL. Corny, sorry. Blogger will be my new home starting on this day.  I'll keep my Wordpress account for a few days and will delete it so all readers would go to this site instead.

PS3: Don't imitate this. There's no PS1 to PSnth. Check at the bottom what's correct. :p

TRIVIA:  What does PS mean? It means "pahabol sa sulat" for those Filipinos out there.  Wiki  has the answer for that in English, of course.

P.S. at the end of a letter stands for Post Script. Post=after and script=letter. After Letter message. And P.P.S. = post, post script. They are both for if you forgot to write something in the letter, and want to add it in. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An advance birthday gift!

I just arrived at home from work (yes, I worked on a holiday - All Saint's day!) and was greeted by my sister, Maricar who arrived from Batangas this evening. She was already half-asleep and told me not to get cookies from our kitchen which she bought from Bizu .  Just hearing the word Bizu, in a few seconds, my face transformed from excitement to disappointment  for she told me she bought the  cookies for a friend.  She knows I have been craving for some cookies in Bizu.Even as sleepy as she was, she laughed at the transformation of my face! Hahaha!  Oh well, I can't describe how that was.  LOL.
Cookies she bought for a friend. Hmm, I wonder to whom.

Until finally, I learned she was only kidding me and she told me I have a pack of 8 different flavors of  macaron de Paris!!!  She laughed again as my eyes sparkled of her news and told me it's her birthday present.  I immediately checked her present and was ecstatic seeing these beauties in our refrifgerator:

Aren't they beautiful?  I was too excited to munch them!  LOL.  Make a guess which I took first.

After about a minute or two, this is what was left. Hahaha! Talking about being ravenous...of sweets or of macaron de Paris to be specific. LOL.  I started with my favorite - Pistachio flavor, followed by Blueberry and Vanilla.  As of this writing, I only have three left as I already finished the mango and raspberry. Darn, I can't help it!

The truth is even if I was disappointed as the quality deteriorated, I could still finish all 8 flavors in one sitting.  That's how addicted I am with this French cookies.  I fell in love with them 5 years ago.  It started with reading too much about these cookies from the blog of  "The Girl Who Ate Everything" when she was still studying in Paris.   Then it progressed to visualizing how they taste like until I got my first bite from Bizu's branch in SM Mall of Asia before it closed. That didn't stop me there. When I learned there was a class offered by Chef Vicki Villanueva at Heny Sison Culinary School, I immediately signed up and took it. Unfortunately, I didn't practice what I learned for I didn't even try to bake a single cookie for I find them complex to make.

I hope one day I will have the courage and confidence to bake them.  I wish too that I will have the chance to go to Paris to taste the authentic ones from Laduree, Fauchon or Pierre Herme!

***Gracias, Maricar for the sweet treat!!!  :D

Nice to know facts from Wikipedia:

macaron is a sweet confectionery. Its name is derived from an Italian word "maccarone" or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient.[1] It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar.

The confectionery is characterized by its smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference (referred to as the "foot"), flat base, mildly moist and easily melted into mouths.[2] Connoisseurs prize a delicate, egg shell-like crust that yields to a moist and airy interior. The macaron is commonly filled with a buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two macaron cookies.

Macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavors that range from the traditional (raspberry, chocolate) to the new (truffle, green matcha tea).[3] Since the English word macaroon can also refer to the Coconut macaroon, many have adopted the French spelling of macaron to distinguish the two items in the English language. However, this has caused confusion over the correct spelling of the cookie. Some recipes exclude the use of macaroon to refer to this French confection while others think that they are synonyms.[4]

Friday, October 22, 2010

A great post by my cousin!

I was at work when my sister, Mau sent me a message telling me about a note in an answer/defense to the accusations of "buying votes and being rich" that my cousin, Katrina posted in Facebook.  My uncle is running for re-election for Barangay Chairman and his opponent's daughters who are actually 2nd degree cousins of ours are making accusations of our uncle or rather family.

I was not able to read it at that time as I was still busy and already wanted to go home for it was beyond my shift hours.   So, when I got home , I immediately logged in to Facebook. It was admiration and pride that I felt while reading it of cousin,  a truly educated person

Here's the note that was posted on his brother's account for she's not a friend in Facebook of  the people she wanted to talk about and be heard:

The other side

by John Francis Eli Padua on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 1:58pm

People may think of me as a reserved person, one who does not care. But, I DO. I just don't do a lot of talking. I weigh things first. I do a lot of thinking rather than blabbering tons of balderdash words. Well, let me tell you my story.

I. Freewill

Like my father, I abhor politics. It is such a dirty stuff. I am a private person. And I love to keep privacy to myself. That is why I never added Quinoy before here in fb to protect that privacy. However, I cannot forever set my self in silence. After reading so many babbling, I cannot contain the reasons unceasingly bugging my head. Mahirap manahimik if you know other people enjoy trampling your name.

I am blessed with a mind that can think rationally. And for me, I have the obligation to enlighten others with the perspective I am blessed with. Leaving these thoughts to myself, I think, is selfishness. And so I decided to stand and speak. Let my voice be heard.

I respect older people. They have more wisdom than I have. They have experienced more things than I did. But somehow, sometimes, a new perspective from the younger generation is a good source of a new direction, I guess.

I am a youth. And I hope, I would be able to speak in behalf of them.

This obviously is a campaign material. I do not deny this fact. But, no one had asked me to do this. Let me put an emphasis that I did this on my own will.

But, let me say that I would try my very best not to trashtalk the other party. I do not like that kind of game. It's just not my cup of tea. Besides, I have confidence in my uncle's ability, so bakit ko kakailanganing manira ng ibang tao? The strengths of my uncle are enough to persuade voters. I need not to strike the other candidate's weaknesses. And I would not like to copy their tactics, I might be called a copycat. I'm afraid. *shivers. I am educated. And I would not yield to ways that would degrade my personality. Such routines of lying to get the sympathy of people.

II. Nobility

I am proud to say that we came from the lineage of a noble man, Eliseo C. Ronquillo, Sr. I believe that everybody will agree. I hear so many stories about my grandfather and I am so proud of him. My grandfather's visions are definitely outstanding. He planned the streets of barangay Quirino. People back then ridiculed him because the roads were too wide. But he said to them as according to what I heard from Lola , "Hindi naman para sa atin ang mga kalasadang ito kundi para sa mga anak ng ating mga anak." See. He visioned the future. Who benefit from these roads today? Hindi ba tayo din? It is of no secret too that Lolo donated land for a high school, for a Catholic church and others. See again. Because of the land, many were inspired, many got education, many had a new way of seeing life and many became victorious in life. Who would have thought of donating a land for the benefit of many?

Even before my grandmother and my mom have told me that Lolo shared 1/3 of the purchase price of the lot for barangay Quirino, I already knew it. There is a bookshelf in our house in Quirino and because of my fondness of books, I have found a piece of yellow paper wherein a simple history of the barangay is written. I have told my mom about it when she told me the story and she said that that piece of paper is written by my grandfather himself. I am so proud that I had a grip of a great man's handwriting. Unfortunately, the books seemed to be thrown already. However, I hope, the story will never die. And that the nobility of my Lolo will never be forgotten by the people whom he loved and will be told to the coming generation. My Lolo is generous. And I can hear many attestations to that. Hindi lang galing sa mga kamag-anak, pati na rin sa mga hindi kamag-anak. If my Lolo would just like na sarilinin ang kayamanan, why would he worked so hard when he would just freely give a part of what he had worked for? Isn't it a proof of genuine care for others? He never hoarded too much for himself and his family. Whenever I'm slacking, mom always tell na nung sila ang nag-aaral ay kailangan nilang magpitas ng kalamansi at iyon ang ibyabyahe sa bus at ang napagbentahan ay yun ang allowance nila. Kung they are selfish, eh di sana they kept everything for themselves. They never stepped on anyone to gain the lands they own now. They never stole it from anyone. Why am I retelling this story? Because I want to show what the background of the person whowould like to serve people is. My uncle was bred in a family that knows how to share. And I believe that our task, bilang tagapag-mana ng dugo ng aking Lolo, is to preserve the NOBILITY he has passed on us. And he, uncle, has a part on the task. Not to boast what we have,  but to be as living reminders that whatever we have, we have the task to share. Because in sharing and blessing others, they will be in thanksgiving to the Lord who has entrusted us these things. And that is not glorifying our name, rather, glorifying God.

III. Defense

I have read a lot of comments about the fiesta. People saying fiestas and parties are not the measure of success. Indeed, they are not. But can you agree with me that they are somehow a reflection of hope and a drop of booster for the people? To those criticizing the money splurged during the fiesta instead of just spending it on a more productive one, do not worry. Before you all emerged, I was the first one to criticize that spending. But I realized that people need to broaden their horizons. How can a community progress if they are locked up in one idea? Kung may masayang fiesta, wouldn't people think na kahit madaming problema,there still is a reason to celebrate the wonder of life? That there still is hope? Na let us strive to be able to have a bountiful harvest and aim to have excess to put one happy fiesta again next year. Let us work hard for this community to progress. Fiesta, an icebreaker amidst the heat of politics. It was the time for the people to enjoy. That is why spa and other recreational activities were invented. To have a break. Take a sip of wonderful life. Then, if you're ready to go, stand and work hard again. Bakit, was the page in Quinoy got filled with thanksgiving to those people who contributed much? Hindi naman ah. Natadtad ba ng negative comments ang Quinoy, a fan page which is supposed to be unbiased, when the pictures did not give much of a justice to those who worked hard for it? Gaya nga ng kasabihan, "Ikaw ang nagsaing, iba ang kumain." Did you hear anything from my uncle or my mom sa Quinoy? No. Because the happiness of the people they intended to share the blessings with is more than enough to pay off the hardwork and the money spent. Gaya nga ng point ko kanina pa, kung ang iisipin lang nila ay ang mga sarili nila, they should have spent the amount on theirselves di ba?

They say walang nagawa si tito sa kanyang termino. Then you must have covered your eyes for you not to see the things he is working at. He got so many things for the barangay. The multicab, the dumptruck, everything that is in the barangay hall and the projects for the people. People must be eyeing for the unfinished covered court. He is working on that. Hindi nyo ba naappreciate that sa dinami-dami ng barangay sa Aurora, nabibiyayaan ng napakaraming projects ang barangay natin? Progress is not a one-shot process.

People are blabbering about this mahirap vs. mayaman thing. This is hilarious. I find it funny and annoying at the same time. When I looked backed at the past, who stepped on who? Sino ang nanlait kanino? Sino ang nangikil kanino?

They call us mayabang. Pinangalandakan ba ng mommy ko na wala kaming utang? Marami kami nun. Teka lang, I am getting confused. Is it my mom running or my uncle? Hahaha. 'Coz they seem to be striking the wrong person.

I am proud of my uncle. Who can step out and say that he used his position to his advantage? Ninakawan ba nya ang kaban ng bayan? May nakita ba kayong mga acquisitions nya simula nung nanungkulan sya? Gumanda o lumaki ba bahay nila? Nagkaroon ba sya ng magandang sasakyan? The answer is no. Instead, ang barangay ang dumami ang acquisitions and improvements. And hindi namin pinagdadamot ang tulong namin sa ibang tao. Even private na sasakyan at gamit namin ay nagagamit sa paglilingkod sa mga ka-barangay.

IV. Hardwork

Whatever God has blessed us with now, it is all a product of hardwork. Lahat makakapagpatunay na ito ay pinagpawisan at pinaghirapan. Again, have we stepped on anyone? Have we resolved to stealing? No.

And to those saying na mayabang at mapagmataas kami. I am brave to say that we are otherwise. We experienced hardships as much as you are or even more. So why should we look down kung sino kami before? My mom is a farmer. Blessed she is that she can tilt her own land but she handed soil. She got dirty. We did. Have you tried to eat na bagoong at sibuyas lang ang ulam  sa loob ng isang linggo? We did. Have you experienced to do all the chores since you were grade 2? We did. Have you tried to wake very early in the morning to harvest coffee or calamansi everyday? My mom and uncle did. Hindi kami nanlalait ng mahihirap because we have experienced what they are going through. And I believe na pahiram lang ang lahat kaya we do not have the right to boast. During Christmas and New Year, we share the same table sa mga nagtratrabaho sa bukid namin. During birthdays, lagi silang imbitado. For fools and jealous people, sharing is boasting. But for wise, sharing is an act of generosity and kindness.

V. For The Youth

I myself has a vision. Kapag nakikita ko yung mga maliliit na bata na anak ng mga nagtratrabaho sa bukid namin, I always hope that they will not end up doing this kind of thing forever in their lives. Being a farmer is a noble thing, we are farmers. But what I'm trying to say is for them to open their eyes to other things. I always hope that their parents through us would have a new way of looking at life. That they will get inspired at hindi inggit to the point of they will say things against us even though hindi naman totoo. Tapos they will work hard to be able to send their children to schools. And these children who have broaden their horizons will be the pioneers who will revolutionize everything. With rational, ambitious and diligent people, a progressive community is on its way.

I never thought of getting super rich. What I always wanted is to have a peaceful life. And a peaceful life includes a peaceful and progressive community. I always think to myself kung maimumulat lang nila ang mga mata nila sa ibang bagay na pwede nilang makamit kaysa sa i-contain at limitahan ang mga sarili nila. I am thankful enough that I have parents who are not self-contained, who have visions and who are hardworking.

I believe every individual is packed with potentials and capabilities. As youth, we truly are the hope. If only an effective catalyst can unlock these potentials within us.

Here is a secret that I've been keeping in my head. You know why instead of the youth showing signs of hope, they seem to be walking the other way? I guess because they have no good examples. Leaders corrupt, leaders steal, leaders lie, leaders think only of themselves. What do you expect the product would be? That is why the change must start now. And that is why we need a responsible leader. A good leader who can lift our visions to a higher perspective. A firm leader who will support us and who will guide by setting as a good example of unselfish leadership. Less talk, more actions.

Who needs a leader who believes in hearsays and reacts uneducatedly? Who needs a leader who says one thing then contradict what just have been said? Who needs a leader who says one thing then acts the other way? None.

What we need is a leader who inspires. We, the youth, are so fed up with the negativity of life. We need someone who can uplift our morale and give us hope. We need someone who has so much that he can share rather than someone who claims to have nothing then steal.

Youth, time for you to make your stand.


VI. Final Stand

Para sa akin, ang isa sa mga main reasons kung bakit ninanais ng aking tito na mahalala bilang punong barangay ay upang ipagpatuloy ang pangagalaga sa mga taong unang minahal ng kanyang ama. Hindi upang pangalagaan ang kanilang pangalan. Hindi upang magpasikat. Hindi upang makilala. Hindi upang magkaroon ng political dynasty. (Besides, sino ba ang may political dynasty?) Kundi upang ipagpatuloy ang nasimulan ng aking Lolo. Upang manguna sa pag-angat ng kalidad ng buhay. Upang makapag-bigay inspirasyon. And that I guess is a mark of a good leader. A leader do not all the things by himself, he shows directions.

I pray that whatever the outcome of the election is, it will be for the benefit of the people. People always complain about the government officials in the national level. Hindi ba nila naisip na nag-umpisa ang lahat sa barangay level. So, if you have not chosen good barangay officials, what then is your right para magreklamo? You had the privilege of choosing a right leader for your benefit, but you failed to use it.

I know that when this is posted in Quinoy, I'll get lots of trashtalking. But criticisms are good, they make me a better person. Pero kung mapadpad man ito dun, at least, I know I have laid my stand educatedly. I have stated my propositions without making up stories. I would like to say na hindi ako naghahanap ng kakampi. But, with what I did here is just to express the other side. (Because people just hear one side most of the times.) As my professor said na hayaan mo na tirahin ka ng tirahin because at the end of the day, a lot of comforters will be with you. And as by not talking too much, he added, you dignify yourself and prove that you are educated. At least now, I'm relieved na nailabas ko na ang na sa loob ko. And with a verse I'll end this note.

A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free. Proverbs 19:5 

NOTE: This article was posted under John Francis Eli's (Katrina's brother) account in Facebook for Katrina is not connected with the Quinoy account where all the blabbering were posted.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Curly or Straight? I love my hair!

I saw this cute video from Sesame Street posted on last night and thought of sharing it here.  I remember during my teen years, I would always wanted to have curly hair (well, until now as I haven't tried permanently curling my hair) but my mother would always contest on it and thus, wouldn't get what I want.

You see, my hair has always been so straight which I find boring.  I was one of the privileged girls who was blessed with long, silky, straight, black hair and I know it was the envy of anyone who has curly hair in my school then when hair iron and relax/rebond are not yet discovered.  If you will see my classmate's messages during the end of every school year, it was about compliments about my hair and  keeping it beautiful. What funny messages they are. Hahah!  It was like, that was all I have.  LOL.   There was even a time in my third year high school, when my hair was from a length up to the waistline, I had it cut in short in "one-length" style just right after my ears. Then my classmates and even schoolmates I am just got acquainted with would talk to me and tell me asking why I cut it short and didn't I regret doing it? Heheh! It has always been like that then.

As the years go by, I don't find myself  the only one who is blessed with beautiful, straight hair.  Now, women with curly hair, regardless of the degree of coarseness have their options to keep them straight.  Now, even hair stylists (as I am always asked if my hair was rebonded whenever I had my hair cut) couldn't even distinguish a naturally straight hair to a rebonded/relaxed one.  That's how great technology is.  :)

Today, it's just a matter of choice really.  But, I admire those who still keep their hair as it is and just style it.  I know we weren't blessed such hair type for no reason at all.  We just have to learn to appreciate it and carry it well.  :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am hooked to another nice song that's very soothing.  Listening to it would put me to sleep.  It was sang by Princess Ahn whose voice is just so  relaxing and wonderful.   I first  heard of  this song on my cousin, Katrina's  blog and couldn't stop listening to it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Apu!

Today is my paternal grandmother's (apu) 79th birthday.  There was  a small celebration of food that was bought by  her grandchildren.

My grandmother, Apung Biling is a great cook.  As a kid,  I would watch her cook everyday.  She was my mentor for my mother is not into cooking.   Being the eldest in the family, I was tasked to prepare meals daily.  Thus, at an early age of 9,  I asked my grandmother to teach me how to cook "Torta" (ground pork with potatoes, carrots and green peas sauteed in oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes and achuete extract) from scratch.  The result was a delicious dish that I was proud of at that age.

From then on, I would always sit next to her while she concocts different dishes particularly during fiestas. Her specialties are Kare-Kare, Caldereta, Tamales and Kalamay to name a few.  I inherited this for I know without her techniques and teachings, I wouldn't able to cook delicious meals these days.

Aside from cooking, I know my sisters and I got the "kakikayan" from her.  I was able to convince myself this was true when we had our first and last trip with my grandmother to Davao two years ago.

While traveling, she was wearing heels, while I was with flip-flops even if she was having difficulty walking on them. Hehehe!

Doesn't she look "kikay" here?  She's wearing a maxi dress!

She's brave enough to hold and wrap this snake around her body when all of us including men in our family didn't try it.

The two of us.  Check the way she stood and held the kikay bag I gave her.

It's sad that she can no longer walk since she had a stroke last year.   With that, she also lost weight.  Look at her picture now.  She was to attend her brother's funeral march on this picture and I "prettified" her for I know she'll enjoy it which she did.

Happy Birthday, Apu!  I know you have few years left in this world but please wait for me to get married and see even one great grandchild from me. Heheh!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tiangge of Cars!

I was checking all my posts and saw this draft which I haven't posted yet.  It's another stop we had last June when I had a vacation in the North.

Santa Ana, Cagayan is located at the farthest tip of Luzon in the northern part of the Philippines.  Today, it is now  known for imported cars just like Subic Bay in Olongapo was before.  The travel from Isabela where we stayed was about 3 to 4 hours.

It was hot when we went there and our patience was slowly dying.  But when we saw these vehicles including my favorite green Volkswagen and Hummer, we were all in Cloud 9!  The trip wasn't bad after all and my aunt was able to buy one with a plate number of BEDxxx.

I find it interesting  to see on the road beautiful, imported cars.  After catching one, I would check for their plate numbers and if I see that it starts with "B", I know it comes from Cagayan. Hehe!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am dreaming of this!

It's raining and all I can think of is food!  What is it with rain that makes us always hungry? Hahah!

First food that came to mind was soup .  And I saw these pictures! Boy, I salivated!  Darn!

So what is this?  It's Mama Chabeng's (my sister's mother-in-law) version of Sinigang na Lechon (roast pork in sour soup) that she served us when we had brunch at their house in Isabela last June.  Our family loves sinigang soup but we always have fish, beef and pork for that dish.  Lately, I have fallen in love with Sinigang na Lechon and Corned Beef  (not the typical sinigang soup we have daily) but haven't tried cooking them at home.

Hmmm, maybe I should cook this one of these days!

Welcome, rainy season! I hope it will  not end till the end of the year.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Pao...

I missed checking on you at the hospital and at home but my mind didn't forget the pain you've gone through and  I thank God you're back to normal and feeling good if not better and I know in time, you'll be back to this body and this look. Heheh!

Pao feeling sexy during her "teenage" years. Hahah!  (pic taken from her FB account)

Here's your long, overdue FFTG (Food for the Gods) cake!  I hope you'll like it. Thanks  for the "kulit" as I am now in back to baking. Yay!

If I were a boy...

My friends  who are close to me know that I am not into music.  No matter how many times I listen to a song, I couldn't memorize it.  Thus, when I sing it, I would always change the lyrics to whatever word I can think  of which often are words that are totally out of meaning.  My sisters and my friend, Pao can attest to that.  Hahah!

Recently, I bought a cute pink iPod nano to entertain me while walking.  This is one song I discovered I would never get tired of listening which makes me a Beyonce fan now. Cool!

Check at the video.  I found the pics too cute (not appropriate for my age though)  and the lyrics to memorize but I doubt I would be able to. LOL.

Monday, October 11, 2010


"Turrón (Spanish), torró (Catalan), or torrone (Italian) is a nougat confection, typically made ofhoney, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake. It is frequently consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain and Italy. There are also some varieties in Latin America and the Philippines." (source wikipedia)

I had a first taste of  Turrón  last year when my sister brought some from Spain.  They were so delicious that we asked her to bring more this year on her visit last August.

While at Spain, she sent me a text telling that the moment she saw a supermarket there, she immediately asked for Turrónes.  Unfortunately, she was informed that they are not available as they are not in season.  She was further told that they are only available during Christmas season.  We were saddened for we won't have a taste of them anymore.

But the god/goddess of sweets (if there's one) was with us.  My sister told us her mother-in-law has some leftover from last year that are just  sitting in her pantry!  We were both ecstatic with that news and more than happy too for she brought more boxes of this delicious sweets than last year.

The stored Turrónes from last year...they look like books, huh?


Hard (the Alicante variety): A compact block of whole almonds in a brittle mass of eggs, honey and sugar; 64% almonds. (



Our version of the Turrónes - Turrónes de Casoy.  After eating the real Turrónes, I must say, we must improve ours.  Hmmm, might as well start doing recipe testing. :P

Wiki says there are two more varieties of  Turrónes - the one from Italy and Czech Republic.  I still have to taste them and compare.  Hopefully one day...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

For those UP students & graduates

I  saw this video posted on my news feed in Facebook and thought of putting it here for it rekindled the patriotism in me.

I can say I am one of the fortunate students in University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City (UP Diliman) for I was able to attend Professor Solita Monsod's Economics 11 class.   See and hear for yourself why as she talks about  Honor and Excellence.

The Internet and I

I must admit I am addicted to the Internet. I spend most of my spare time online  to read blogs  and do surfing which brings me to numerous articles or stories that I read until my eyes tire.

My days are usually like that until I decided about 2 weeks ago to minimize my online hours.  Because of this, I had to do away with blogging.

Inasmuch as I would like to stay away with it for I know better things can be done offline such as watching TV/movies, reading books or cooking or baking,  I can't anymore.

I miss writing and documenting anything about me or people or events surrounding me.

So, I am back! I will be posting more often now even if it requires me to stay long hours hooked to the Internet...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got an eyebrow issue? Go to Browhaus then.

"The eyebrows form but a small part of the face, and yet they can darken the whole of life by the scorn they express."
-    Demetrius (Phalereus) quotes (Athenian orator, statesman, and philosopher, 350-280bc)

Nowadays, we have a lot of choices to change the way we look.   One major transformation that most people take for granted is the grooming of eyebrows that drapes  our windows of  our souls.

A different shape of eyebrows or a different color could make statement on our face.  So, with Kat's new hairstyle, I brought her to Browhaus in Serendra to match her new look.  I have read this new "beauty place" before on one blog that I follow and thought of checking it one time though not of thinking of myself as I am glad I don't have much issue with my eyebrows.  But after checking this place and seeing Kat's new brows, I am now considering it for my "eyebrow dyeing".
The process - 1) Organic dyeing was put to Kat's eyebrows (the color would last for a month) ; 2) After 15 minutes of waiting for the dye to sink in her brows, it was now time for threading ; 3) Lastly, the drawing of her brows (this would last for 2 weeks)

Her new look!  Isn't she pretty with her new hairstyle and eyebrows?  The dyed and groom brows softened her features.  Btw, she spent about P1500 for this which includes threading of her upper lip as well.


2nd floor Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

phone: 901-0597

4th floor Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati

phone: 501-3998.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toni & Guy hairstyling

If I am in my early 20s, I would take advantage of my age and enroll in classes about fashion and styling.  Now, wishing I could turn back time for I know if my career were  in that path, I would be  one lucky gal this day.  Hahah!

Age doesn't matter, so they say.   It's never too late to study and learn, others would tell.   True indeed!  Last year, I studied one "branch" in fashion and styling i.e. Fashion Make-up.   Well, it's not what I am going to talk about here. ;-)

More than a week ago, I woke up with my aunt's call with no electricity at home and was informed by my mom that it will last until night time.  Got pissed with the news of power failure, I thought of going to the mall.  But then, while having brunch, I realized my aunt might be indirectly asking me to accompany her daughter in a salon where she could have a digital perm.  So, nothing to do, I traveled to Makati for a fashion purpose. LOL.

I was to meet them at 6750 Ayala Avenue Building where I would have to have my haircut while my cousin, Kat will have her digital perm. This was at Essensuals Toni & Guy.

Katrina before her digital perm.

The hair cut & digital perm process.

Our new hair styles. Nothing much has changed on mine as I wanted my hair to be longer still for I am preparing for a major look soon. LOL.  With me on the pictures are Katrina with her new locks and our super friendly hunk, hairstylist - Jaymarc (if you're wondering if he's gay, he's not...he's actually married).

Kat and I enjoyed the experience.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, I heard that Kat's hair straightened and her curls were no longer prominent.  She's planning on going back to the salon to remedy them which I know would she would be accommodated as spent a fortune for that and the staff are no doubt friendly and professional.

***Hair cut from a top stylist cost P850 while the digital perm cost almost P10,000.

Essensuals Toni & Guy

6750 Retail Arcade

Ayala Ave., Makati City

632-8128002; 632-8128559
Mon - Sat:
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Monday, September 13, 2010

I heart Jason Statham!

Jason Statham - 2009 SpikeTV's Guy's Choice Awards - Arrivals

image from

After watching The Expendables, I am more than convinced I heart Jason Statham. Hahah!  While typing this, a smile drew my lips as I have never felt "kilig" (this emotion is no longer appropriate for my  for a long time since Brad Pitt during my college years.  Nonetheless, age is just a number, so allow me to feel this current state of euphoria. ;-)

I've watched Jason Statham on Snatch, The Transporter, Transporter 2 and Italian Job to name a few of his movies but seeing him again at  The Expendables make me realize I really do like him.  He's got this cute charm on his last movie. Lol.

He's so sexy! I love him in suits or in casual. Feast your eyes on the following pictures. Hehe!

photo from

photo from

Jason Statham Is A Snazzy Dresser!

images above are from

photo from

As we grow older, our tastes in things change.  I prefer action flicks or feel good movies.  So, it looks like I will have my ever first time collection of movies - Jason Statham's movies now that is. I am excited!

By the way, he has never been married but "since April 2010, he has been datingVictoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley." - from Wiki of course. :D