Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I woke up this morning thinking of diet and exercise. My mom even asked me if I wanted to have rice so she can leave some for me for she's bringing the rice cooker in our farm. I replied "no" because on my mind, I'll just have fruits and my diet shake.
Unfortunately, my father came from the wet market and brought these! Talangka in our language or shore crabs in English.
Who can say no to diet when you've been deprived of this food for a year. Yes, we only get to eat these crabs once or a few times in a year because they're seasonal and are only availabe every August to September and are very difficult to find in the market. So am glad that this year, I had them twice. Would you believe I had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner? LOL. It's the only viand I can have repeatedly. :p

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Two days ago, I was doing nothing and browsing pictures taken from my tablet. I thought of Instagram and decided to check it and installed it. I was so happy that I can't stop on posting pictures. For me, it's an easy way for sharing the world my thoughts in pictures. I just love it!

Reader's comment

Sometimes, I totally forget I started this blog in Livejournal, then moved to wordpress and finally settled here. Last night, I got an e-mail which reminded me of my wordpress account which led me to this post. Haha! Anyway, just want to share this and say thanks to "click" for taking time to send me a comment and bringing me back to my blogging world. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheska's blog

Okay, I admit I have been procrastinating on many things and don't know where to start. I guess this should be it. I will start blogging again for I am now inspired by my niece, Cheska who posts 2 to 3 stories daily on her blog. For an 8-year-old niece, that's simply amazing! You can check her blog at

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chronicles of 2011

Laziness is obviously evident in this blog if posting is the basis. Haha! I won't talk much about it but on the moments I have saved on my phone and pictures found  in Facebook. I missed some photos that weren't uploaded and are still sitting in my camera's memory card. For now, here's my 2011 chronicle. Yes, I know this is a long overdue which was set to be published last January 1 but due to technicalities was put on hold. Yeah, reasons and more reasons. LOL


I attended the first bootcamp of Nu Skin with my close friend, Nikki at Chateau Royale in Batangas. It was a rewarding and motivational experience.

I was able to travel during winter in Macau. It was my second time in this country. The first was in April 2008 during Spring. I didn't expect it was that cold and I came unprepared. Good thing there were some thrift shops in Senate Square and bought myself a "pretty in pink" coat at around 2000 pesos. Still not that cheap, though. I would love to go back anytime again, so join me.

On my pink coat with my college and travel buddy, Carel


It's the love month. I was looking for pictures to match an event but couldn't see one. I guess there's really not one as there's no sweetheart to celebrate it with. Hahaha


I attended my goddaughter's and close friend's birthday party.

My sister, Mau gave birth to a cutie boy who was named after St. Clare and St. Francis. MONCLAIR FRANCIS


We celebrated my father's birthday and sister's pregnancy at the farm. Unfortunately, pics are stored in the memory card and can't upload them yet as of now.


I officially rendered my resignation after almost 12 years in the company. Yay!

My family welcomed my sister's boyfriend who flew from US.


We celebrated Cheska's birthday at Friday's.

Cheska and my sister, Mye attended the Miley Cyrus concert while my parents, my other sister, Mau and I had dinner at Gumbo in Mall of Asia where the concert was held.

Cheska lost her two front teeth. Had to take this picture as a remembrance. Hehe


My siblings minus one who was pregnant travelled to Vietnam. It's always fun travelling with them.

My brother-in-law's family and ours just had fun at Hotel Vida.

Bad news from my sister, Maricar. Her four-month twins lost their heartbeat. While she was confined at Medical City in Ortigas, my other sister, Marinel and I sampled some of North Park's dishes.


We celebrated my mother's birthday and house blessing of Maricar and Mikel.

Nu Skin's getaway in Baguio City.

Went to Aurora for the fiesta. Barangay fiestas would always have different pageants starting fron children to young adults. I was asked to award a kid. Forgive me for my outfit. I had no idea I'll go up the stage.

I enrolled in a gym to prepare for my sister's wedding but never lost weight. Sigh


My childhood friends end up in a bar to celebrate, Riza's birthday and saw these foreigners strip dancing.

Resorts World trip.

Japanese food trip @ Niji in fields ave., Angeles City.

Monclair's six months

Nu Skin's Success Seminar

Fiesta @ our barangay where I headed the committee. It wasn't that successful because of the rain.

Gloria Maris food trip. My sister, Manel always dreamt of serving herself Taho whenever she buys from a street vendor. A dream come true for this food trip. She enjoyed doing it and told me there's this kind of feeling everytime she scrapes the Taho. Haha!

Watched Sound of Music at Resorts World.

Enrolled in a make-up class at MDA with my sister.
"No make-up make-up look" of my model, Tin.
My sister as the model while Ms. Lani, the founder of MDA demonstrates the romantic look for weddings.

All Saint's Day @ Starbucks after paying visit to my grandfather's and uncle's grave.

Celebrated my birthday in Manila and attended my sister's, Zha wedding shower.
Wedding of Zha and Joel.

Surprise birthday party given to Zha by his now husband, Joel.
I have to end this post to November before I may not be able to post it anymore. Haha! Anyway, December deserves a separate post. In conclusion, 2011 wasn't bad at all since I learned new things and gained new friends. I was able to travel twice abroad and within the country. I had more bonding time with my family too. The downside of it though is I gained weight because of too much malling and dining out. Hehe! I should be saying Happy New Year but it's no longer timely so I'd say HAPPY LOVE MONTH instead. May I find my true love this year. ;D