Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today's Sweet Craving

I went to Manila today to attend a hairstyling class and had chicken liver adobo, pancit miki and half cup of rice for lunch which I bought in a cafeteria near the school. I didn't like the taste of the pancit, thus made me crave for something sweet. Unfortunately, there was nowhere near where I could buy anythingto satisfy my craving. I am the type of person who would always want to finish a meal with a dessert. So, you may know how I felt after lunch. On my way home, I passed by Landmark in Trinoma and saw the food carts. I went straight to those offerring sweets. I was in heaven when I saw Mrs. Fields' cookies. Well, it'S not everyday that I get to buy from Mrs. Fields as there's no more branch in Pampanga. I love cookies and can finish quite a number in one sitting. Though that's the case, I am very particular with what cookies I eat. I have very strict specifications. Ha ha ha! Without having second thoughts, I bought. Mrs. Fields "trio". It costs 140 pesos with choices of 3 cookies of any flavor. I chose the White choco macademia, semi-sweet walnut and semi-sweet macademia. I was quite disappointed as the cookies were not chewy anymore. I miss the freshly baked cookies I used to buy when there was still a branch in Clark.
I guess I can only get to taste chewy cookies once I bake them who knows when. LOL. Nonetheless, my craving was satisfied. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ha ha! Forgot to put the title.

I am at my boutique/store and starting
to get bored. I was browsing the news feed in FB and saw a shared post of my friend, Ads' blog and read it. Her post reminded me of my still pending post that was supposed to have been published last January 1. But because of a number of pictures I added, I had difficulty editing it particularly since I am using a tablet, thus the reason. Haha! Anyway, to keep my blog "alive" again, I'll put the pending post aside and start publishing whatever runs into my mind. Right now, it's....
PS: I checked my blog and saw that this post does not have a title, hence the title above. ;p