Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 it was...

I want to look back on what this year has and hasn't offered me but I don't like to itemize them.   I know I have done fairly well but okay, I can't help it.  LOL.  So, allow me to cite some of the remarkable and not so ones.  Hehehe!

Blogging - much, much better than the past 2 years.  Even if I haven't posted for more than a month now as I got very busy with other things (I know a very lame excuse!), I was still able to post 98 to date as compared to 11 of 2009 and 7 of 2008. Hahaha!  A remarkable achievement indeed for me.  It's a dream come true to reach this far.  :D

Career - Nothing has progressed from my position to my current company, if that what's you call a career in a BPO industry is. I've been in the position for more than 5 years and I know I'll still be until I resign.  LOL.  The good thing though that happened was even if my title remained, the compensation increased with other benefits.  Not bad at all.

Other careers - Baking or make-up?  2010 was somewhat good in a way as I've earned money from these two hobbies.  I just needed to choose and focus on which between the two I have to maximize my time to earn more.

A new career/venture - I've always loved direct-selling. Even when I was younger, I used to sell different products to friends and relatives for I like talking about products I know could make them look and feel good.  The last quarter of this year introduced me to Organic Beauty products.  Thanks to my friends, Nikki and Collyn who shared them to me and convinced me to sell them.  So, yes I am now a dealer of Human Heart Nature, All-Organics and Venus & Mars beauty products as well as Precious Herbal Pillows.  Another source of income for me that helps my friends benefit from them by not having to use chemical products.  It's a win-win situation. :)

A political career -  Yes, I won in the recent Barangay election as a Councilor last October.  I landed 4th (3rd elected has a point over) out of 16 candidates who ran in our place.  Being in the politics is not new to me as I was the first elected Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson 18 years ago. I just had to give that career up to give way to my father who wanted to run then and since he finished a 3-term service already, I grabbed the chance to replace him last election.

Continuing education -  Hmmm, it seems like I can't remember of any classes in baking that I attended this year when last year was full of it.  I also didn't attend any make-up class.  But, don't be surprised!  I enrolled in a reflexology and massage class!!! LOL.  It was the least class I had in mind but I took the chance when it was offered in our parish and be part of it for I thought it was just a day's class for me to learn the basics.  It's an 8-session class and I already missed 3 days of classes due to a very busy schedule.  A consolation I have is I've learned a few basic of everything.  :)

Travel - This is where I fell short. :(  I didn't get to go out of the country this year.  We canceled a trip in Kota Kinabalu and Brunei which I am supposed to have with my sisters and other relatives.  Unfortunately, it coincided with my mother's operation and we all were not in the mood to travel.  I am glad though that even if I had to cancel another trip in Cebu because a friend who's supposed to go home from Greece didn't make it, I was able to have a Northern tour (Isabela, Cagayan, Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur).

Food for the Brain - I spent most time in the Internet and yes, I learn a lot from blogs I follow and sites I visited.  However, I missed reading books.  I bought 3 books and I was only able to read 1.  A book given to me Christmas of last year is still yet to be opened.  This is getting bad! LOL.  I bought a few food magazines but I just browsed at them.  I missed those nights when I would read each new magazine from cover to cover.

Gadgets - This is what surprised me most this year.  I always claim I am not into gadgets and I can live a simple life with a simple phone that I can use for a call or text. Much more, I am not into music, so I don't need an iPod.  But guess, what? I bought myself a 5th gen iPod and a Blackberry Bold!  Oh, well! There's always a room for change. Hahaha!

Exercise & Diet - I lost on this!  I gained about 7 to 8 pounds this year!  Even though I bought a treadmill and iPod so I can walk anytime at home, still it didn't help.  Discipline is the key as they always say.  I don't have it!  Much more, laziness consumes me. Arrrgh!

Friends - I didn't reconnect much with my friends and I don't think I gained more friends this year. :(

Family - I don't know how to assess how it has been this year but one thing's for sure, I miss celebrating occasions when our family is always complete (so those who are far, make sure you are home when there are celebrations).

Love life - What I should I say? LOL. I am looking forward for next year.  Hahaha!

Spiritual life  - I know this is another big down for me.  I can count the times I attended mass this year and I feel bad, of course, when I used to attend daily mass a few years back.  I will reconnect with the Lord this coming year and be acquainted with the saints and angels again. :D

After this list, I can say, 2010 is not bad at all  for me.  I bet, you now know what I am looking forward this coming 2011.