Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I woke up this morning thinking of diet and exercise. My mom even asked me if I wanted to have rice so she can leave some for me for she's bringing the rice cooker in our farm. I replied "no" because on my mind, I'll just have fruits and my diet shake.
Unfortunately, my father came from the wet market and brought these! Talangka in our language or shore crabs in English.
Who can say no to diet when you've been deprived of this food for a year. Yes, we only get to eat these crabs once or a few times in a year because they're seasonal and are only availabe every August to September and are very difficult to find in the market. So am glad that this year, I had them twice. Would you believe I had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner? LOL. It's the only viand I can have repeatedly. :p

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